Danielle Corcione is a writer currently living in Philadelphia. With over five years of digital media experience, their writing has been published online in Vice, Teen Vogue, Esquire, Truth Out, Salon, the Establishment, and much more. Their work has appeared in print in Philadelphia Weekly, the Reader (of Omaha, Nebraska), and the New Territory.

Additionally, they offer creative services, offering content, social media, and photography work, for businesses and fellow writers.

Danielle writes a frequent newsletter called Rejected Pitches. Every other week, they interview a freelance writer for their blog, the Millennial Freelancer, which aims to provide information for those entering the industry.

They received a Bachelor’s in Literature and Communication Arts with a minor in Anthropology and concentration in Creative Writing. Additionally, they have a background in politics and social justice.

Find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.