On breaking news: “Danielle has a passion for covering social issues, and that comes through in their work. Danielle also shows a willingness to report on subjects outside their comfort zone while staying on top of the news cycle. ” -Edwin Ortiz, News Director of Complex

On copywriting: “They’re creative and versatile in their writing, whether they’re writing about real estate for one of our clients or working freelance. Danielle has a bright future and I would recommend them to be your next writer.” -John McMillian, COO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

On SEO writing: “Danielle is an articulate, organized writer that has helped our firm and clients prosper in the competitive search engine ranking environment. Their work has directly improved our clients’ search positions by over 20% in a matter of a few months. Danielle’s timeliness, attention to detail, and knowledge of SEO strategy has made her an invaluable asset to our team.” -Tyler Caton, Marketing Manager of Ridge Spur Media LLC

On digital media: “I’ve followed Danielle’s writing since the Thought Catalog days [in late 2014]. It’s been both fun and rewarding to watch their content grow and find its voice in many spaces, especially within politics and activism.” -Lindsey Steinberg, writer

On blogging: “Danielle’s blog, the Millennial Freelancer, provides honest and practical advice that has helped me ignite my career as a writer. I am constantly in awe of their work and never get tired of reading their intriguing writing.” -Gianluca Russo, writer

On reporting: “Danielle has played an integral part in Bridge from Abroad’s growth. Since becoming a contributor, they have consistently produced thoughtful, polished pieces inspired by her experiences abroad. Having also read their work for other outlets, I can attest to their storytelling and reporting capabilities, and am proud to have published some of their work on Bridge from Abroad.” -Kristina Choi, editor and founder of Bridge From Abroad

On interviewing: “Danielle was pleasant and professional from first contact to an enjoyable phone call to emailing me to thank me and let me know the story was live. Danielle presented important issues sensitively and accurately–exactly what a source hopes for in an article. Research, narrative, and my input were expertly combined to make a cohesive, useful, and readable article for people of different ages and backgrounds.” -Rachel Kazez, LCSW, founder of All Along

On transcription: “Danielle has been a lifesaver—they’re an extremely fast and accurate transcriber. Often they will hand in work before deadline and they have always prompt to reply to requests. I would recommend her services without hesitation.” -Laura Morgan, journalist

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